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Why Cashing Pro?

Why Cashing Pro

1-minute application and quick cash withdrawal today

Why Cashing Pro

You decide repayment amount and period

Why Cashing Pro

Free of any administration fee, early repayment fee or hiddern expense

Application flow

Application flow Step 1
1. Application

Apply through website or phone

Application flow Step 2
2. Loan Assessment

Submit documents for loan assessment

Application flow Step 3
3. Loan Assessment Result

Notice loan assessment result by SMS or call

Application flow Step 4
4. Get Loan

Sign the loan contract and receive the loan amount

No Income Proof Loan Case study

Due to the private policy, customer-a-like photos are shown.

No Income Proof Loan Case:1

Full-time University Student

Pocket Money around $1,000
Part-time salary $2000

I went to a trip to Japan with girlfriend last month and spent a lot of money. The salary from part-time job is not paid yet, and I didn’t want to ask for help from family. Then I found Cashing Pro on the internet. Cashing Pro allows clients to settle anytime, the interest rate is low, which calculated on daily basis. If I settle the loan in one week, the interest will be around $30 only. This is so attractive. Finally I loaned $10,000 and I will definitely recommend Cashing Pro to my friends!

No Income Proof Loan Case:2


Ms Lee
No income

This is my first time to apply loan. I was so worried that I cannot get the loan as I have no income. I was also afraid that I cannot make clear inquiry through phone call. Then I saw Cashing Pro offers inquiry and application service via Whatsapp, so I just gave it a try. Their customer service staff was very nice and answered all my questions patiently. At the end, I got $20,000 loan successfully.

No Income Proof Loan Case:3

Construction Worker

Cash Salary (Monthly salary $22,000)
Part-time salary $2000

I heard that the requirement from Cashing Pro applying for small amount loan is not too high. I wanted to loan $50,000 for investment but I am paid in cash. Since I don’t have clear income proof, and didnt used to save money in the bank, many banks and finance companies rejected my loan application. I am so glad that Cashing Pro approved my application. I got the loan within 30 minutes, it’s so convenient.

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