Last time I just introduced one of the consumption trap called “Number Games” that consumer is easily fallen in. This time I am going to talk about how seller earn more consumer’s money by using different kind of package. Usually this kind of trap use different package or volume to sell the same product so that some “careless” consumer who doesn’t carefully calculate each unit price unexpectedly paying a higher price to buy it

“Environmentally- Friendly Supplementary Package”

Friendly Supplementary Package

The most common example of environmentally-friendly package is household goods like laundry detergent and cleanser etc. From General consumer’ perception, environmentally-friendly package supposed to be cheaper than original package as it reduces the cost of original container. However, when converting to the price of per ml of this kind of supplementary package, it is much expensive than original package.

“Purchase Price/ Exchange Price”

Purchase Price/ Exchange Price

The purpose of event of purchase price or exchange price which existed in cashier is to force you have no time to think. When you thought that it is very cheap, but actually it is much expensive by calculating unit price. For example, add $19 to exchange a 200ml body wash and pay $75 to buy one 1000ml original package of body wash, which one is much expensive? Don’t think and answer now!……Therefore, don’t think that $19 is really a great deal.

Sometimes small change seems not a big deal but if you don’t manage your finance starting from small part, just keep spending few dollars and few dollars, it will be the key reason for how your pocket lose money in a slowly way.

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