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What is Grant Loan?

Grant Loan is the nickname from a government’s sponsored plan. This loan-sponsored plan ‘s propose is prevent some students from falling out of school due to economic or financial turnover problems. The full name of this loan plan is Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (Chinese : 專上學生資助計劃), referred to as FASP. The main target student is self-financing full-time undergraduate degree programs, associate degree programs, advanced diploma programs, etc. This loan program is followed up by the Student Financial Assistance Agency(學生資助辦事處) . They will assess the student’s income and /assets, so the students will receive different funding and loan amount. This loan-sponsored program is generally divided into three funding methods: Grants (Grant), low-interest loans (loans), traffic allowances.

When you apply for a bursary (Grant), you will automatically apply with a low-interest loan (loan), so you don’t need to apply for a low-interest loan (loan) again. The result will be notice with bursary (Grant), that is why we call it Grant Loan.


Bursaries(Grant) is used to pay for college’s tuition fee. The maximum of student amount can be the total amount of college’s tuition fee. But is also has a maximum limit, the amount will be adjust every year.

Maximum Bursaries Amount :

– The tuition fees for payable to local institustions, maximum up to $84,230(2019/20 school year)

– Relate course fees, maximum up to $5,810 (2019/20 school year),

– The student union fees which is must be paid.

Government's Grants Amount Calculation

Bursaries (Grants) are not reimbursed and more valuable than low-interest loans. So we need to manage our finances carefully and don’t waste money from the government.

Low-interest Loan (Loan)

Low-interest (Loan) is use for cover basic living expenses an annual interest rate of 1% per annum. Interest is calculated after graduation. Maximum loan amount

– Basic living expenses , up to $51,470 (2019/20 school year),

– All student’s maximum loan amount are same.

Low-interest(Loan) ‘s maximum loan amount up to $50,020. The available loan amount is based on the Grant’s ratio to calculate.

Travel Subsidy (STS)

It is apply for a student who need to use transport for distance of more than 10 minus from the place of study.

The below link has some information for this HR campaign.

FASP summary

Application Deadline

What are the basic conditions for applying for Grant Loan?

What are the basic conditions for applying for Grant Loan?

1. Age is 30 or younger

2. Have the right of abode in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or you or your family have lived in Hong Kong for three consecutive years before the start of the course.

3. Full-time students enrolled in an accredited institution, such as a full-time full-time undergraduate degree or associate degree program. Higher Diploma (except for places funded by the University Grants Committee)

4. The same course is not funded by other public funding schemes (e.g Continuing Education Fund)

Grant Loan FAQ

Grant Loan FAQ


Q:Where can I apply?

A:It must be completed and submitted via the online website of the SFO website – My Application. Applicants must register as a “My GovHK” user and then save the user’s name and password for future login.

Click here for application


Q:What information do I need to fill out?

A:It is mainly divided into 4 parts: “Personal Data”, “Family Income”, “Family /assets” and “Supplementary Information”. “Supplementary information” means filling in some of the first three parts of the undeclared information and increasing the chances of successful application.


Q:If the parents are divorced, how should the “family members” fill out?

A:In fact, family members only need to fill in the father or mother who lives with you, but you need to indicate in Step 12 “Supplementary Information” and provide proof of parental marriage.


Q:What is the “income” of family members?

A: In addition to salary, operating profit, rental income (with housing, land, squatting, squatting, etc.), maintenance and pension, you also need to fill in “other income” and “anyone provides to you and / or your family.” Grants.”


Q:Do the applicant’s brothers and sisters need to declare income?

A: If your brother and sister are not married and live with you or your parents, you will need to declare your income. If they are married, but if your brothers and sisters are married and have parents, you will need to fill in the amount of household money given in the past year in Step 6 “Anyone who gives you and/or family benefits”.


Q:If family members do freelance/cash salary/even no fixed income, how to declare?

A:If you have a fixed employer, but it is cash salary, you can request your company to fill out an employee compensation form (TSFS/4 (2013)) to prove your parent’s income source. If you are self-employed / freelance, you will need to write a self-reported income statement. However, the Student Financial Assistance Agency may use the evidence/information provided by the Census and Statistics Department to make appropriate adjustments to the income of the family members. Sample of the self-report: Sample of the self-report


Q: How do I submit a statement and supporting documents?

A: You can choose to submit all the documents online. The file type must be JPEG or PDF. Pay attention to the file upload limit of 20MB. However, the number of documents submitted in fact exceeds the upper limit. Therefore, you can also choose to submit all the supporting documents by post or in person within seven days from the date of submission of the application. The address is: 12/F, Commercial Centre, Mong Kok Road, 1 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon.

Does Grant Loan has any disadvantages?

Did you feel that it was very attractive about the Grant Loan? But please don’t be impulsive, because everything has two sides. Let’s check some disadvantages about the Grant Loan!

Does Grant Loan has any disadvantages?

-The loan amount is not enough

Low-interest loans (Loan) just provide a small loan approval limit , it’s up to $51,470. It is based on the economic conditions of your family background. This loan plan only can let you get amount of $20,000-$30,000 generally.

–Loan approval speed is too low

Due to the submission of the household income and financial status, etc., and the Student Financial Assistance Agency is a student who needs to cope with the whole territory, there is a lack of opportunities for the number of staff. Therefore, the review speed will be slower, generally 60 days or more.

–Need to check your family property

The success of the loan approval is mainly based on the ” Proportional Calculation of Asset Value ”. Applicants should not have an average asset of more than $738,000 for each family member and no more than $75,764 for “adjusted family income” in order to qualify for government loan assistance. If college students want to apply for Grant Loan, remember to reserve a little more time, and the psychological preparation loan amount will not be very high.

More details about this loan (Grant Loan) can be found at:

(Grant Loan) Loan detail

(Grant Loan) Loan summary

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student loan?

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