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Maximum loan amount

Maximum loan amount can be $300,000

Cashing Pro will assess according to the personal credit grade and the documents provided by customer.

Maximum loan amount can be $300,000^ Fpr loan application amount below $200,000, Cashing Pro will process flexibly and assess quickly.

Approval time

10 minutes approval

Cashing Pro’s assessors will process your loan application quickly.

Result can be informed in 10 minutes#!

Cash on hand today

Cash on hand today

You can receive cash within today#, applied loan in the morning, get the cash in the afternoon#.

Your financial problems can be solved immediately!




1. Loan Amounts : $10,000 ~ $300,000^

2. Repayment Period : Flexible* ( You can repay freely within 60 months)

3. Minimum Monthly Flat Rate : 0.56%^

4. No Handling Fee : $0

Application Requirments

Application Requirments

Application Requirments

1. Ages 18 or over

2. H.K. Permanent Resident¹

3. Must hold an account with any licensed bank in Hong Kong

4. Must provide effective address proof²

5. Must provide effective employment proof³


^ The monthly flat rate rate of this loan service is 0.56% – 2.84%. All final loan approvals and monthly flat rates are subject to the approval by approval manager. In case of any dispute, Cashing Pro Limited will retain the final decision on loan approval.

# After submitting all relevant information and documents, the applicant can get the approval result within 10 minutes. The approval time will vary according to the customer’s credit score and the information provided by the customer. In addition, length of time for customers to receive loans varies according to the processing speed of each bank, and the loan can be received within today at the earliest. For any enquiries, please contact the relevant bank.

*Cashing Pro’s loan period is generally 60 months. Customers can repay the loan within 1 month to 60 months (not applicable to customers who choose the “Discretionary Installment Plan”). If you want to extend the repayment period, you must apply for renewal before the loan term is over. For any enquires, please call 2366 8859.

1 Applicant must hold a Hong Kong permanent identity card marked with ***. Applicant must fully understand Cantonese.

2 The address proof must be a postal letter (such as utility bill, bank statement, etc.) issued within the recent 3 months, which clearly indicates the name of applicant.

3 In order to expedite the loan approval time, applicants must provide valid employment proof, such as: salary proof, bank account records or other employment proof in recent three months. If it is not possible to provide a substantive document (for example, pay method is cash-based/ by cheque), Cashing Pro’s assessors may advise customers to apply for “no salary proof loan” to increase the chances of successful approval.

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