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Cashing pro’s loan applications are assessed and analyzed by A.I., and will final approved by our assessment manager (to see if approval loan amount can be larger). If customers provide all documents correctly, you can know the loan approval result within 10 minutes.

Cashing Pro loan basic requirements are:

  1. Hong Kong permanent residents
  2. Aged 18 or above

*Customers who are unable to provide income proof are also welcomed to apply

  • Step 1︰Apply through online or phone.
  • Step 2︰Loan assessment
  • Step 3︰Assessment result
  • Step 4︰Sign loan contract and receive the loan

Customers can apply through online or phone. Do not need to come in person.

No. Cashing Pro will not charge our clients any administration fee or extra cost for loan application.

。HKID Card (Permanent Resident)

。Bank Statement of latest 3 months

。Address Proof of latest 3 months

Customer can repay money at any 7-11 (7-eleven) stores in Hong Kong.

Definitely not. According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the personal data of clients will remain strictly confidential.

Principal x APR / 365 days x days elapsed
Interest is counted by day.

Customers can contact us through 2366 8859 or Livechat for enquiries.

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