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Loan‧Break through the tradition

Breakthrough 1

Breakthrough 1: Flexible Repayment

Interest is calculated in daily basis. Breaking through the date and time limitation, you can decide the repayment amount and period by yourself*

Breakthrough 2

Breakthrough 2: Interest Reduction

Interest will be reduced when you repay more than the minimum payment^. The total interest expenses is even lesser if you fully settle the loan earlier.

Breakthrough 3

Breakthrough 3: Caring Service

Compare with traditional loan company and bank, Cashing Pro has longer working hours to handle loan application. # Our caring staff helps you to solve financial problem( with care.)

In order to cater to customer’s different needs, Cashing Pro provides the following 4 kinds of loan services:
Espress Loan

Espress Loan

Urgent! Cash on hand today! As Urgent As You Are! Get Cash that Day

1. Maximum loan amount can be $300,0001

2. 10 minutes approval2

3. Cash on hand today2

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Student Loan

Student Loan

Student Loan?

1. Simple application process

2. Maximum loan amount can be $150,0001

3. 10 minutes approval^

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Credit Card Loan

Credit Card Loan

Credit Card Debts are Gone~ Saving Interest Expenses Clear All Credit Card Debts! Save Interest Expense!

1. Less interest expense

2. Clearance of centralized credit card debts

3. Flexible repayment*

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No Income Proof Loan

No Income Proof Loan

Loan Without Income Proof,
so Fast so Cool~

1. Simple application process

2. No income proof is needed

3. All are welcomed to apply

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Repayment method

Good repayment record can enhance the opportunity for re-loan

Repayment method Step 1

1. Receive Repayment SMS

You will receive a SMS message with a link 2 days before repayment day.

Repayment method Step 2

2. Get Repayment QR Code

Click the link, then repayment amount and repayment QR code will be shown.

Repayment method Step 3

3. Payment in 7-11

Settle repayment in every 7-11 convenience store in Hong Kong.

Repayment method Step 4

4. Upload Receipt

Take photo for the receipt and upload the image.


s*The discretionary repayment amount must be more than or equal to the minimum repayment amount. The maximum loan period of Cashing Pro is 60 months (not applicable to customers who choose the “Discretionary Installment Plan”).

Customers can repay the loan within 1 month to 60 months without any penalty or handling fee.

If you wish to extend the repayment period, you must apply for renewal before the end of the loan period.

^ When customer repay more than the minimum payment of each month, interest will be less and less.

Example: If Mr Chan receives a $10,000 loan with 12% annual rate, the first repayment date will be 30 days later. The interest of the first month is $98.

If Mr Chan repay extra amount (eg. $1,000) after repaying the first $100 interest, the extra payment ($1,000) will deducted from the principal.

The second month interest is calculated base on the lastest principal $9,000 ($10,000 – $1,000). Thus, Mr Chan’s second month interest will be $88.

The less principal, the less interest.

# Cashing Pro’s Office Hour :

Mon – Fri : 9:00am – 8:30pm

Sat : 900am – 3:00pm

Sun / Public Holiday : Closed

1 The loan approval amount varies according to the customer’s credit score and the information provided by the customer. The final approval amount is determined by the approval manager.

In case of any dispute, Cashing Pro Limited will retain the final decision on the approval of the loan.

2 After submitting all relevant information and documents, applicant can get the approval result within 10 minutes. The approval time varies according to the customer’s credit score and the information provided by the customer. In addition, the length of time for customers to receive loans varies according to the processing speed of each bank. The loan can be received within 30 minutes at the earliest. For any enquiries, please contact the relevant bank.

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