Prevention of scam fraud and Identity Verification of Cashing Pro staff

Recently, fraudsters claiming to be Cashing Pro current/ former staff have used fraudulent tactics, through phone and instant messaging app, to induce customers to provide personal information for successful loan cases, harass customers with good loan repayment records to fully repay the loan immediately or assist customers in applying other loan companies’loans.
Cashing Pro reaffirms that we will not use any instant messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp, Wechat) in contacting our customers. In addition, we only accept 7-11 loan repayment method. If you are asked to repay the loan by means other than 7-11 QR code payment, you are advised to ignore the message and contact us at ☎3155 7600 for verification.

Beware of scam fraud!

We, Cashing Pro, recommend that customers adopt the following measures to minimize the risk of incurring any losses.

Contacting us for verification of authenticity

We only contact customers with phone numbers ☎2366 8859/ that begin with 3911 (e.g. 3911 6800). If you receive a phone call or message that you suspect may be fraudulent or counterfeit, please record the caller's name and contact number and call our Customer Service Hotline ☎ (852) 3155 7600 for verification.

Submitting documents only though official channel

We only provide links of uploading documents through SMS, and we will not request customers to submit any loan application documents through any instant messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp, WeChat).

Not making deposits into any individual or company accounts

Cashing Pro will never ask customers to make a deposit into the account of an individual or company in the process of loan application, drawing down loans or loan repayment.